Best iPad advertising is "hidden"

Apple iPad is getting more and more attraction as a communication media. Once again marketers must understand the nature of context and how do we use tablets. Do not waste your money to provide the same-same-same-tv-spots you are running on telly. Three second rule works here well. Advertising that creates instant effect. Even a smile. Surprise. Try "hidden ads" instedt.

Here is a good example approximately in 00:10 sec

"Hidden" in a sense that the ad doesnot YELL is an advertising but you immediately understand its an advertisement. Here the ad works very well as it has moment of surprise to. Advertiser is called Bradesco who sells car insurance - using hiden ad effect very well.

But is this too annoying at the end? Probably yes if ad is not executed well. But today when tablet ad space is not too growded marketers should run iPad ads like above.

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