The Worst Mobile Advertisement ever

Hello Fonecta! You sent me this ad today. Why? Oh, sorry, yes I understand why (you want my employer´s money).

Please, stop for a sec and take a look of it. This is the most un-emotional advertisement I have ever seen. You can show as many Kovalainen-spots your wallet allow, but if your tactical communication is this, hey, cmoon...


Foursquare for Businesses and Brands

One of the hot topic for my 3rd book will probably be location-based web and mobile services. The New York-based social networking company Foursquare, which launched in 2009, is a pioneer in this "checking-in" -activity. Any user check-in to some venue might receive rewards and deals if there is a "Special" off available.

Currently I have been working with two of my friends to set up a 4Sq offer. Since this activity is very simple - most of our time goes to set up suitable copy and time span - it is odd, that I havent yet heard any success stories from business how they have benefit customer engagement. Have you? Have some gain market share or improved retention rates? Let me now please.

And do not forget to check new "Foursquare for Business" pages. They now have separate guidance for Brands and Venue owners, including a detailed but simple guide for businesses about how you can "claim" check-in venues.

The new pages explain how venue owners can effectively run and track campaigns on its merchant platform. It teaches brands how to create pages and utilize its badges-rewards system to drive consumer engagement.

I like 4Sq for same odd reason. At least the app and checkins reveal to me how narrowed my middle-age life is.


3rd Book. Official.

It´s finally official. I signed my 3rd book deal last Thursday again for Infor, a Finnish training- and publishing company. Infor did great job with my last one book to make the their best selling book for 2010, thanks for all who bought the book!

Next book is the most challenging. I decided to research and write about digital opportunities for SMEs. That´s in plain English small and medium companies.

I will try to narrow the approach for both b2c and b2b businesses less than 20 people with limited marketing budgets, and try to find out how SMEs could use digital world to:

1 Acquire more customers
2 Serve their customers and other stakeholders
3 Grow sales
4 Save time and money

I have already booked a few interesting Finnish entrepreneurs to interview how they see their own marketing and sales are utilizing digital channels,and what they see next steps.

More information of the book coming later this winter. Stay tuned!