FIrst Quartal Update

Hello. How are you?

I liked the headline, since my employer recently bought more people, more technology from Quartal. I am quite thrilled to see how two very differrnt organisational cultures will merge. At least this move forces me too to take a closer look for a Microsoft web authoring & publishing.

Currently on to-do list:
- working with a veeeery large intranet information architecture design. Runnig some workshop to make sure IA is well thought and user-focused. In threee languages. Not an easiest task, have to say :-)
- leading a project to create and design corporate multimedia show for a global use. Yeah, Flash is brilliant and I manged to get the best Art Director I know to work with me. This could be a killer case.
- joining brains together with our Director of Ecommerce & Self-service Area to define and design utterly the best online shopping site for a local magazine publisher.

Recently, finished this modest online promotion project for local television channel´s interactive unit. And something more.

On personal level: heading to a spa for a birthday and on Eastern to Copenhagen/Skåne to spend 4 lovely days on southern Sweden. Stay tuned.