No Snow Xmas

When selecting a gift for the holiday season I have always loved this piece of advice:

"Dont make something unless it´s both necessary and useful, but if it´s both necessary and useful, don´t hesitate to make it beautiful"

Some biz-related issues: finally launches of several projects for this year!

- Creative lead for a nicest campaign stuff for a long time for Nokia, a promotion flash campaign, to explain consumers why they need a certain-operatingsystem-powered phones instead of Razors and others. Very nice to do some multimedia for a while.

- Corporate communication design-project for Scandinavian design company. I was a creative lead of the design-project together with and art director colleague.

- Web site concept design project for multinational ship power and power plant corporation. Interesting, long project to learn some cultural differences between Finns and Bangalore-based developers

- A redesign of a site (concept+information design (and appearance)) for local Finnish publishing house. All implementation unfortunately done by some other parties.

Plus several user experience and usability studies, and one interesting user experience test in Stockholm for a Nordic insurace company. Whooah, I really need some break now...

Happy xmas!