Instagram-mainonta herättää tunteita

Facebook on testannut maninoksia Instagramissa Kanadassa.

Blogissa hehkutetaan kovasti kampanjoita, mutta kun käy poimimasa yksittäisistä kuvista kommentteja, niin kuva hieman muuttuu. Tässä parhaimipia.

“Hey fuck you Canadian Tire!”
”This is harassment”
“These adds are making me not want to fly air Canada “
“NO thank you. Don't want this in my feed. Gross”
“Okay so no longer buying loreal products”
“Get your shit off my feed. Boycott Lorealpariscan. 
I'll be sure to tell all my peeps what company to boycott.”
“Great. Sponsored shit. These posts steer me 
away from the content they are advertising.”
“get off my feed”
“Don't want to see this sponsored crap!”
“suck my ass insta @instagram”
“I don't want your tires leave me alone”
“@lorealpariscan have your marketing team review your 
ad placement strategies. this type of advertising 
makes you prone to consumer boycott and leaves you 
with many angry instagramers. myself included.”