Jonathan from Spotify

We love Jonathan from Spotify which is why we've created Jonathan Premium.wmv. A global Jonathan community... No seriously. Anyone with Spotify lacking a premium membership is familiar with Jonathan. It's his voice that pops up right when you're about to play your favourite tune to your friend. It's his voice that surprises you when you're skipping through songs to find the one you're looking for. It's his voice that you can't mute to stop it from flooding into your brain. Listening to Jonathan is not optional, you have to do it!


Widget for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A small social media related project for Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Digital Surface, part II

I had finally chance to play with Microsoft Surface. User experience was better than I thought and interactivity was quick enough, not of course like wiht mouse but good enough to lobby context. Once interior designers get their hands into the digital surface ecosystems we will probably see wonderful ubi-communication once seen only in movies.


10 Branding and Marketing Trends for 2010

Excellent thoughts about future branding and marketing http://www.brandingstrategyinsider.com/2009/10/10-branding-and-marketing-trends-for-2010.html

Accommodating these trends will require a paradigm change on the parts of some companies. But whether a brand does something about it or not, the future is where it's going to spend the rest of its life. How long that life lasts is up to the brand, determined by how it responds to today's reality.

1) Value is the new black
2) Brands increasingly a surrogate for "value"
3) Brand differentiation is Brand Value
4) "Because I Said So" is so over
5) Consumer expectations are growing

and 5 more, worth of reading and thinking


Microsoft Surface meets Google Maps

TravelTainment, a company that provides technology services to travel agents has created a mash-up of Google Maps and Microsoft Surface technology that enables holidaymakers to check out destinations on an interactive world map.