3rd Book. Official.

It´s finally official. I signed my 3rd book deal last Thursday again for Infor, a Finnish training- and publishing company. Infor did great job with my last one book to make the their best selling book for 2010, thanks for all who bought the book!

Next book is the most challenging. I decided to research and write about digital opportunities for SMEs. That´s in plain English small and medium companies.

I will try to narrow the approach for both b2c and b2b businesses less than 20 people with limited marketing budgets, and try to find out how SMEs could use digital world to:

1 Acquire more customers
2 Serve their customers and other stakeholders
3 Grow sales
4 Save time and money

I have already booked a few interesting Finnish entrepreneurs to interview how they see their own marketing and sales are utilizing digital channels,and what they see next steps.

More information of the book coming later this winter. Stay tuned!

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