Google Panda update affects Ecommerce sites

I have been spending past couple of days at Internet World 2011 in London. Hot topics of the year have been SEO, targeted email marketing and advanced social media marketing.

From the SEO perspective a few interesting notes: Google updateed a search algorithm just recently (called Panda update). This caused were many changed to search results. Sites having visitor like 50M dropped quickly down to 20M and so on. Main reason is that those site lack high-quality content and/or they had duplicated content. Especially ecommerce sites are suffering of this update.

So if you running a ecom site, and you dont seems to get enough organic traffic it´s probably due to a Panda update. There are a few things you should start working on like creating FAQ´s, buying guides etc aka providing good, quality content to the users (and to the crawalers)


Unknown said...

All these panda updates are making search engine optimization so much harder than it used to be. I guess it's good though since it increases the quality of the internet content, but it also requires so much more effort now to get your page ranked higher. I guess there are pros and cons with everything.. I think it's intended more for the benefit of the customer than for the disadvantage of the internet marketers. It just depends on from what perspective you look at it.

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