Advertising - Here I come

Yes, it´s official.

After 9 years and 4 months at Satama, the company I was setting up over 3400 days ago, I decided to leave to advertising.

Former boss called me just before christmas. She has been leading the McCann Wolrdwide´s Helsinki office for a while, and now it was time to bring new competence in da house.

I am joing ad agecy McCann to lead new unit called MRM Partners, McCann Relationship Marketing Partners, which is responsible for relationship marketing programs and activities.

I have to say I am drilled. There wasn´t anything wrong at Satama, but time flies and I thought I have to try something different. Well, not SO different, but still...

MRM Partners will focus to build solid and profitable communication between our clients and consumers using both traditional and new digital means. Our vision is to design and execute the most compelling, involving and sought-after creative product in both the digital and traditional world of relationship marketing. The means of expression may be anything from advanced customer care programs and integrated campaigns to basic one-off activities.

I believe, that communication MRM produces should always be:
1. Create and strengthen relations between our client and their customers
2. Engage and involve, preferably over time
3. Be interesting and relevant: for the right customer, in the right way, at the right time
4. Improve our clients’ profitability
5. Speak directly to the individual

Satama - hope you will find your place and I wish all the best, eh, I am still a stock-owner ;-)

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