Fall in Love

August. September. October. How quickly time passes by. Once again it´s fall. But this time things are different. We got married! After years of living together and so on, we had a lovely reception in Helsinki early September. Many thanks to all our friends who made a day (and night) perfect!

Strong suggestion: once in your life, visit Ile de Mauritius. What a magnificent place to be and live! Unfortunately expensive, we decided not to travel anywhrere at least for a next 6 months or so. Luckily our summer place is somehow winter-proof :-)

Business-related: still working at Satama. New organization. New bosses. Even new ownership (partly) and new CEO. And, eh, new visual idenity. Interesting to see where this company is heading...

I havent had so much challenges in daily business, mostly helping sales guys to meet new and old clients and to pitch several cases. And taking care of some project management in a true global project where we were the design agency and implementation is done... yes... in India! Some challenges, but truly great to learn differences between cultures...

Hope I will have an hys-hys UI development project to run soon. Something else than ordinary online design I do for living.

A Helsinki-based trainging institute asked me to give some lectures about "Digital Marketing Communication Methods and Tactics" later in fall. I guess they have heard me taking at Helsinki Institute of Marketing where I gave serie of lessons about web design.

Any how. Have a great day and remember to smile a lot. Only 72 days till Xmas...

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