Apple Watch will kill 2 Finnish companies - or not?

Dear business people at Suunto and Polar,

I write because I still like to believe this great nation have a talent to build one the best tech gadget of the planet. I would like to warn you: do not say that the launch of Apple Watch will not affect your business.

It will. Most probably it will kill your business one day. There is alredy enough evidence that all businesses are in danger when established players enters to a new business vertical. Apple has changed all markets it entered since th launch of iPod. Change is the name of the game.

Let me give an example. I have been a proud owner of Suunto Metron watch - or wrist computer as you insists to call it. It looks good on my wrist. It sometimes gives the illusion that I am a diver (I am not), but I like the idea.

But its not a fucking computer. It cannot compute anything. A year ago I climbed to a 2500-feet high mountain. I have been calibrating, re-calibrating, re-re-calibrating my Metron like zillion of times and still, on the mountain it told me I am -250 feet under the earth surface. Was?? Well, I would never use this device for diving. But it looks good on my wrist.

Second example. My half dozen of real computers can change their date when we move from summertime to normal time (=winter). Automatically. Without hesitation.

With my Metron I randomly press all possible buttons to remember how to do it. Goash!

But it looks good on my wrist.

So, dear businesspeople at Suunto and Polar. Please, do not say publicly that Apple Watch wont affect your business. It will. Your job next is to figure out how to build better products. Real smart watch with easy to use services. Give me some value. Real value. Something I would some day proudly wear at the bar of CitizenM. Its called marketing. Please.

Yours truly, Antti

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Antti Leino said...

Seems I am not alone: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20140910145007-26831685-prediction-you-will-buy-your-grandmother-an-apple-watch-by-2017?trk=hb_ntf_MEGAPHONE_ARTICLE_POST