My book TOC

Since April this year I have been diggin' my old notes and presentation, read several books and articles and surfed a lot to gather data for my new boos about digital marketing.

The final leg has started and I have a 4 weeks to finish the script. It´s been very interesting to try to put topics in order and I am not quite happy yet.


I am missing the the TITLE of the book. So lets make a little competition for all my FB friends: any one figuring out a great name receives a free lunch at Carma Restaurant! Deadline end of this month.

Here is the overall Toc:

1 Digital Media

Digital advertising
Search marketing
Affiliate marketing
Email marketing
Mobile marketing

2 Digital Service

Self Service Sites
Information Sites
Search Engine Optimazation
Web Analytics and measurement

3 Digital Community (or Place, havent decided yet...)

Social Media (FB, Twitter, YouTube etc..)
Viral marketing
Wikis and world of sharing
Virtual worlds

Oh. So many things.



anders said...

Another thing, the cover might look something like this: http://www.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/ebay-companies.png

CommuniCare said...

Sounds interesting. I hope that you will look topics also from the company view. Where they need to go and how they should improve basic company site, for example do they need to take part of the social media, if yes, how? How often they should rebuild the basic information site or IR-site?

I'm quite sure that there is a lot of need for digital marketing book, but if you take a look from a little bit wider view, also communications specialist in companies will buy the book.

Everybody knows your first book .net. It was good and sold quite well. Should you give to the new book name: net 2.0 - bling bling?

Vasiliy and Pipa-Annikki Laura Chinchilla aka Pirpana said...

But the book is in Finnish, isn't it?

Antti Leino said...

Yes. the book will be in finnish.


Antti Leino said...
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